Your Primary Spiritual Guides

Most people don’t know that from the moment we are born until we take our last breath we are guided by a number of spiritual beings from “the other side”. When I say the other side, I am referring to  the intangible, spiritual realm that we cannot see with our physical eyes or hear with our physical ears. Today I will focus on two, primary entities that are assigned to you alone, your angels and your Spirit Guides. 

Spirit Guides come in all forms, but they are always in “help mode”. Their only purpose is to guide you on your life path. Before I begin to explain about your primary guides let me tell you that you must be in touch with yourself. 

First and foremest, recognize your own spirit so that you can recognize spirits outside of yourself. What is it that feeds your soul? Do you enjoy uplifting music? Are you a dancer? Do you love really good pillows? Define your personality as if someone else is describing you. Then, define all of the things that make you happy. Write them down on a piece of paper and post them somewhere in your home. Practice nurturing your spirit by giving yourself one of the things on the list each day. Maybe you love your neighbor next door. Be sure to visit her. If laughter feeds your soul, seek laughter. See a comedy. Memorize a good joke and tell it often. 

Next, recognize the spiritual side of others. What is your best friend like? Does she enjoy quiet contemplation or is she a party girl? Do you connect because she is always happy? Do you share the same life experiences? What feeds her soul? Help her feed it! 

Once you have started to identify the fact that we are all energetic beings with common and peculiar patterns you will start to wonder what lies beyond this life. 

Soon after we are born, and sometimes even before we are born, we are assigned a Guardian Angel. Generally, people have one or more angels that assist them throughout life, but everyone has a primary angel guide. While angels have never existed in human form, they are strong entities that keep us safe from accident and injury. If you don’t believe me, take the time to read one of any one of a number of angel books that fill the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Many people recount “angel stories” – that an angel appeared almost out of nowhere, swooped in to “carry” them to safety, and left.

To connect with your guardian angel, give your intellectual side a rest. Through meditation and prayer, call on your Guardian Angel when you need an energy infusion. Ask for guidance. Allow yourself to breathe in the essence of your guardian angel. See if you can feel it. Angels have a strong vibration and you should be able to feel an energetic boost once you have asked for assistance. 

Probably the most important Spiritual assistance comes to you through your primary, Spirit Guide. Again, prior to your birth, you have been assigned a guide that will assist you throughout life on your spiritual journey.  We are living this life to learn spiritual lessons that will help us advance individually and collectively. 

While most people cannot see their Spirit Guide, they can feel the presence of a Spirit Guide. If you have ever struggled with a life decision you can call on your Spirit Guide to assist you.

To enlist the aid of your Spirit Guide sit quietly and pose a question. For example, you may ask “Should I take the job despite the long commute?” Spirit knows your heart’s desire. While you may not get an immediate answer, one may come within minutes or hours.

Pay attention to the signs you are given. Spirits will use any means to get your attention. You may see a sign on a billboard that advertises a new housing project where you are contemplating the move. A friend may call to say she knows of a rental in the community you are considering. Conversely, you may recognize the need for a new car should you take the job, and you have no room in the budget for a new car.

Stronger signs may come in energetically. If you feel uplifted at the thought of a new project and you feel dejected at the thought of staying at your current job, Spirit may be using your “energetic” body to give you a sign. Signs are both internal and external. In all cases, they are important.

Some people receive messages clairaudiently. They literally hear a voice inside their head that says ” take the job, you will be happy”. Others receive messages clairvoyantly. That is, they see themselves happily discussing yesterday’s football game at the water cooler in the new job – a very bold sign that you should take the job. Or, they have a dream that the company president calls them for a second interview and it goes well – a sure sign that it will.  

Your personal Spirit Guide watches you and tracks your energetic patterns. Your Guide will reinforce your heart’s desire and will also lead you away from things that are not in your best interest. 

For example, I placed a bid on a condo I very much wanted. Once the bid was accepted, I received the association documents for review. As I read the rules and regulations, I got a sinking feeling about the purchase. Each new line of rules and regulations sent a wave of unhappiness. Thankfully, I bought the condominium contingent on review of the documents and I bowed out of the agreement. I told my realtor that I would look for a single family home in the fall (it was spring).

The next day, while I was meditating, I clairvoyantly saw myself placing a small amount of money on a lot in the same city. I decided to look at raw land that day. I found a lot in the center of town within driving distance of all of my favorite activities – the beach, the theaters, and the shopping district. While I had no intention of building, I called my realtor to tell her I wanted to hold a lot in that community. While building was never on the agenda, I am building nonetheless.

I know that my Spirit guide sent me that message. It came out of nowhere when I was not even considering a new build. Spirit understood that what makes me happy is a place to grill in my own back yard, not a shared grill space and countless rules. 

Listen to the “nudge”. It is your personal, Spirit assitant helping you on your way. 


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