What’s it like to be Psychic?

People often ask me what it’s like to be psychic. That’s a long answer. First of all, we are all psychic. Some of us have simply developed our abilities more than others and some are gifted with more psychic ability than others.  Know that we all have intuitive gifts. 

I came into my gifts almost ten years ago now. In the beginning, it scared me. I did not know what I was experiencing. I was hearing voices in my head. I was having visions of things to come, and I was strongly empathic, so, I felt everyone else’s emotions. Not a pleasant place to be.  Imagine trying to filter ten things coming at you at once. I was overwhelmed as my gifts opened up.

I have since learned to ground myself to the earth plane (staying out of the ethereal – another discussion entirely) and to block other people’s emotions, energy, and thoughts. Most days, I am a typical human with my own joys and struggles.  I keep lists, run errands, cook meals, and do my job just like everyone else.

Using my psychic ability for myself makes life much easier and much more magical. Each and every time I get a “hit” I spend the next few minutes trying to decipher it’s meaning for myself or others (I am open to receiving helpful information for those I love and care about).

As an example, if I am lost or upset, I simply get into my meditative mode so I can find my way home.  I have always been bad with directions, but since discovering my intuition, I am less anxious when bad things happen. I know I can trust my gut to lead me in the right direction, and, I will arrive home safely. 

 It is especially magical when I can use my intuition to help others. First of all, know that it is highly unethical to “read” someone without their permission. While it can happen serendipitously, that is not usually the case. Most psychics are careful not to invade other people’s space or privacy.

A trained psychic can control his or her abilities.  We turn them on when we are asked and we turn them off (by grounding and blocking) when we are not. It would be stressful to receive messages all day long. 

Know also that psychics are never 100% accurate. It’s not possible. Psychics can only operate from the information they are receiving and it is often difficult to decipher that information.  It is often my clients who tell me about the information I am receiving. I simply relay information and they help me to understand how it relates to their life. 

In short, I feel blessed to have these abilities. While receiving too much information can be a bit unsettling, I consider my intuition a gift from God, and, I know that the universe works on the principles of karma. So, if I put out positive energy, I will receive positive energy. If I ask only for the highest and best for others, I trust that the Divine will bring me only the highest and best for others.

I believe God gave me special gifts for a reason – to help others’ on their journey. That can only be good. Oh, and by the way, I can’t pick lottery or stock market numbers. The Universe doesn’t work that way. Psychic information can only be used for good.  

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