What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a form of communication between living beings (humans) and non-living (disincarnate) spirits. It is a way of relaying information between two levels of reality. Both sides, the medium and the spirit, must be in complete cooperation to relay messages. Because a medium is highly attuned  to the vibrations of the spirit world, mediums can sense and interpret messages from a spirit. Mediumship bridges the physical and non-physical world. 

The most common form of mediumship is mental mediumship. Mental mediumship does not use the five senses. A thought medium receives messages as an idea, picture, or thought and can often also feel information, rather than sense it physically.  Messages are then relayed to the sitter – the person receiving the reading. Mental mediumship is often used to query a deceased loved one when the sitter needs information related to a person’s parting. 

Trance mediumship occurs when a medium shares consciousness with a spirit. This involves a sort of blending of energy and bodily sensations. In trance, a medium is over-shadowed  by the consciousness of the spirit. In this case, at times, the medium may be unaware of what he or she is saying or doing. Trance mediumship can be used to discover the philosophical bent of a spirit. 

Finally, physical mediumship is an attempt from the spirit world to prove the existence of an afterlife, that life is continuous, and,  that we are not gone once our physical bodies expire.

Spirits can often manipulate objects or energy in a way that humans can see. For instance, spirit entities can make lights flicker, materialize energy, or direct an audible voice to a sitter or group. This type of mediumship is quite rare and is prone to fraud. While physical manifestations are possible, they are extremely difficult to produce on demand- a mandate of the scientific world  – so, many people discount physical mediumship. 

Not all mediums are capable of all types of mediumship. Most people have gifts that are unique to their personality, biology, and style just as only some of us have blue versus brown eyes.

Palmistry, divination, astrology, and card reading are fascinating art forms, but they  have nothing to do with mediumship. Mediumship is about accessing information across an energetic boundary.  There are also emotional and psychological boundaries. A good medium will respect those boundaries. Mediumship is not about telling clients information of a sensitive nature. It is also not about delving into deep emotional issues that are better discussed with a psychologist or other therapist.

Finally, mediumship is not evil. Mediums are not disturbing the dead. They are communicating with spirits who want to relay information to the living world, yet they are no longer in a physical body. Spirits want to talk to us as much as we wish to talk to them. This is important work. 

As you choose a medium, remember that you want someone who will respect your boundaries and the spirit’s boundaries. Feel free to call me to discuss what you would like in a mediumship reading. Until then, may you rejoice in the wildly loving energy of the divine.


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