What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a french word that means clear seeing. By this we mean clear seeing in the mind’s eye, not with the physical eyes. Dreaming is one way we can “see” clairvoyantly. Clairvoyants also report seeing a chain of events as if there is a movie playing while their eyes ar shut. One can also see clairvoyantly by closing the eyes. As soon as you are forming a picture in your mind you are using your clairvoyant sense. 

When I receive a clairvoyant message it is either a flash or a mini-movie.

The Flash: one day while I was thinking that I may want some warm pants for my daily walks , a pair of  pants “popped into my mind as if a picture had been photographed and sent to my brain. I “saw” the pants in full color. They were jeans that were beautifully flannel-lined in a red, plaid color. The next day, I received an L.L. Bean catalogue with those paints featured on the front cover! Wow! I purchased the pants. 

The Dream:

Long after a break up I dreamt that my ex was arguing with me in my home. After just a brief period of decision-making in the dream, I pointed to the door and he left. The dream was particularly vivid and the characters were discreet – me and an ex-boyfriend. The dream was neither disjointed nor confusing. It was succinct. When I awoke, I knew the dream held a message for me. I had recently been considering the good things about that relationship and had thought I should call my ex to see if we might reconcile. The dream was so telling that, on waking, there was no second guessing the decision I would make. NO WAY! I would not make that call. 

Finally, some people express their clairvoyance as a mini-movie or comic strip that plays out in sequence. If you notice this sequence as you are day dreaming you are using your clairvoyant abilities. Do not for one minute believe that only a blessed few are gifted with clear seeing. You can develop your clairvoyance with practice and intention. Join one of my classes to see how you can get in tune with your ability to SEE CLEARLY.

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