What Happens When We Die?

A lot of people ask me “What happens when we die?” Many of us have heard about  the near death experiences of people who momentarily die, but come back to life after the experience. Those who have partially crossed report visions of a tunnel, a white light, and their loved ones who wish to escort them to the other side. Of course, they come back to our earthly existence to report the story.

We mediums tap our clients’ loved ones in spirit all the time, so, we get to see some of what the afterlife appears like to those on the other side. I am here to tell you that it is a beautiful mix of understanding, searching, and learning designed for spiritual growth. 

After we pass, many of us remain near the earth plane, attend our own funerals, and watch our loved ones from the other side. Our soul takes some time to adjust to life without a physical body. We can remain in this place as desired. Since there is no time and space in the heavens, we can immediately transport our soul to wherever we want to be, whether we chose to be with our loved ones, or we want to go to a different, beautiful place such as a meadow or forest thicket. 

Souls may choose to go to a place of resting, particularly after a difficult life here on earth. Our soul is the energy that is left (our consciousness) once our physical body is gone. So, we remain an energetic being on the other side. Our energy is often sapped from a lifetime on the earth plane. What may be 50 earth-years is not measured in the same way in the heavens. Time is cyclical rather than linear on the other side. 

After a period of rest, souls meet with a team of spiritual guides who help us examine our life to see what we have experienced and what we still have left to learn. Some souls wish to remain in Spirit for a while (or indefinitely) so they can teach earthly beings from the other side. Others wish to return to a physical body to learn lessons that had not been achieved in a previous life. 

A belief in reincarnation is a must in understanding what happens next. Should a soul chose, or, be assigned another lifetime, it comes back to earth in a new body ( whole other discussion) carrying the blueprint of the original spirit. This blueprint can be amended lifetime to lifetime. So, as we repeat lives here on earth, we learn lessons that will help us ascend to the level of Spiritual Master. Once achieved, we stay in Spirit to guide others. 

This is a simplistic view of the whole process. For more information, or, a reading to discover your soul’s journey, sign up for a reading by Pam. Call for information or scheduling. 

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