What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are a matrix, or web, of all that is. To visualize the akasha, imagine a spiderweb that is suspended within and around the entire universe. This web is made up of all of our thoughts, emotions, intentions and energy. As our thoughts change, so will the matrix. The web catches the energy created by our emotions. The web can also release energy to different areas. Think of the akasha as a huge container that holds everything.

Both collective and individual energy make up the web so we can affect the matrix as a collective unit or as an indvidual. For instance, on an individual level, one’s emotions change from day to day. As a person goes from sad to happy, the web reads the emotion and mirrors the mood of the person. 

Collectively, groups can affect the matrix as well. For instance, if a group decides to send food or medical assistance to a far away region the matrix will hold that intention until some action is taken to get the food to the area. The web is ever changing and interactive. 

Many scientists believe that this informational field explains why our universe is so finely tuned. The web allows evolution as an informed process. Remember that every thought, deed, and development since the universe’s existence are held within the web. The Akashic records are an enduring book of all that has ever happened in space and time. 

If we also posit that from a “God” perspective there is no space and time, we can use the records to see what will happen in the future. We can use the akasha to inform life decisions and we can use the records to access our history as well.  When we tap into the akashic records we are tapping into the essence of life. 

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