We Need Intuitive Insights

I am often asked why people want psychic information. There is no short answer, but I will give you a few reasons here:

  1. Science can only take us so far. For example, for years, as a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, I wrote prescriptions for hormone replacement in menopausal women. The “good” research told us that estrogen can prevent heart disease and bone loss. While estrogen is protective for bone health, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to heart disease. Estrogen actually increases the risk of stroke, breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc. Seems science, after 50 plus years of research, completely turned tail when the results of the Women’s Health Initiative study showed that hormone replacement was increasing female cancers! So, the medical community now writes these prescriptions with caution. When I was in practice, I felt an eery sense that we should not hand out prescriptions for drugs to over-ride the natural process of menopause. I wrote them anyway. My gut told me otherwise, but I might have used more instinct, and less research, if I had listened. Scientific research has yet to uncover the mysteries of the universe, yet many physicists understand that the energy field which surrounds us is here, but not easily measured. Yet, everything is energy! We need to use our intuition when science is stymied or lacking. Researchers use their gut instinct when asking the good questions that form scientific theory. Why not use the same intuition to see that which is not available to the naked eye. 
  2.  Our subconscious mind buries much of what we don’t wish to see. Many of us live in denial or oblivion where reality is concerned. So often, we need to uncover our latent or subconscious patterns. 
  3. Our spiritual side demands a look. Science tells us that clans of old had many rituals that, though based in non-reality, kept the tribe safe. There is something about having a spiritual belief system that is “relationary” and holds the ties that bind. Practice the rituals. They are loving and healthy and they bind us to others. 

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