The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not a new concept. In 1906 a man by the name of William Walker Atkinson released a book title Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World (Chicago, 1906).  The concept: that our thoughts, desires, and wishes draw like energy and experiences to our lives. The idea that we are all energetic beings and the “power of love” could manifest desires was new and controversial at the time. Now, it is an accepted phenomenon that is touted by New Age gurus and psychics alike. 

Atkinson was brave to use words like thought-energy, vibration, and manifestation in a society where few veered from traditional religious belief and science had not yet discovered energetic principles.  His work detailed energetic principles, though he could not yet prove their existence. If you think about it, can science really prove anything?

Scientific inquiry starts first with a hypothesis. A hypothesis starts from the mind, or, perhaps as an off shoot of other research that originated in the mind. Even here, our thoughts dictate our reality. But, I digress. It is fairly well accepted that like ions repel and oppositely charged ions attract. Apply this principle to our energetic bodies and you have the law of attraction on a micro- scale. Energy seeks to balance itself.

Imagine for a moment that there is a void in your life. Say you are seeking a new love relationship. If the void is represented by a negative ion (not a negative personality trait – we are just speaking of energy here) positive ions will flow in your direction. Better yet, a positive ion will fill the void. Relation-ships are often like that. Like traits attract but opposite energy attracts even more. 

So, what if you want to attract the love of your life? What should you do energetically? Well, for one, you should set an intention (out loud or in your thoughts) that you meet just the right person for you. Then, put your best foot forward. Do the things that will bring that person into your life. If you want someone who enjoys the same activities that you do, join a club. If you are looking for a life-mate who wants children, tell the world, i.e. your friends, the online dating, forum, etc. Let’s face it. Just setting an intention does not alone make the universal law of attraction come to life. You must act on those things which are put in front of you. You must”manifest” your thoughts. That is, take action to achieve that end, and watch what the universe brings you. 

If you are standing in the grocery store line and the good-looking gentlemen next to you asks you where you found his favorite flavor of ice cream, seize the opportunity; do more than just answer “Aisle 3”.  The universe just brought you an opportunity to strike up an extended conversation.  Everyday events become opportunities when you set an intention and pay attention to what happens next. 

I am continually surprised by the law of attraction. Take for instance my shopping personality. I am an uptight shopper – I am known for spending hours looking for a specific item. After a long search I often give up. However, psychically, if I set the intention that I find the right item at just the right price, and in the perfect color, I am often amazed at what happens. Something in the intention-setting  triggers a chain of events that are unexplainable.  

For example, when I lived in a northern climate I walked outdoors for exercise, even in the dead of winter. Minnesota winters can be brutal. I did not like walking restricted by a number of layers of clothing, yet I was unwilling to pay top dollar for sportwear from Columbia. And, I loved the soft flannel of my youth. One day while walking, I set an intention on the right pair of pants for my needs.  I wanted warmth, lightweight, and under $40.00.

I am continually amazed at what happens when I stop incessant shopping and “just watch and listen”. The next day, an L.L. Bean catalogue arrived. On the front cover was the monthly sale item – flannel lined jeans made for winter wear and walking! And, for only $34.00. Just my price range. 

The Law of Attraction sometimes brings things you don’t expect as well. Remember that the universe picks up on subconscious intentions as well as stated intentions. Sometimes we are presented with things that we love, or need to have, rather than what we intend. For instance, you can set an intention on a new, luxury, Mercedes S Class vehicle, however, if your budget will not support the intention, something else may come in. If a friend says she is selling her Honda Civic and she will reduce the  price by the amount of advertising and trade in, perhaps the Law of Attraction is giving you a great opportunity on a car you can afford.

Likewise, if you decline that offer, and, if your heart and intentions are stuck on the Mercedes, perhaps the universe will work with you to achieve that end. Continue to set the intention for your dream car. Stick with it and do the things you need to do to make your dream happen. Set a sub-intention of a higher-paying job so you can manifest your dream. Then, take steps to make that happen. Put out feelers on a new job. Listen to the universe. It will bring you what you need. Let time and intention help you. The Law of Attraction is not always immediate, and, it will read your thoughts an emotions as time goes by. Stick with your original intention to get what you really want, Or abandon that intention and set a new one as thinsg change. The Law of Attraction will follow your desires.