Readings are more powerful when you take responsibility for co-creating your life.  An intuitive reader can tell you your most likely path, however, you always have free will to use the information you are given as you see fit. The universe brings you what you need in a multitude of ways. Pam will help you see things that may be hidden from your conscious awareness.

Psychic Readings: Pam taps your higher self and spirit guides to reveal your most likely path and a route to personal transformation.  While most information comes in quite naturally, it is best for you to formulate a list of questions prior to your reading. The first 20-25 minutes of a thirty minute reading will be used to address your questions. Two or three simple questions can generally be covered in a 15 minute reading.

Mediumship:  Mediumship involves contacting entities from “the other side” to include loved ones who have passed.  While many mediums practice “evidential mediumship (an art that seeks to prove the existence of an afterlife by giving specific details related to someone you once knew), Pam believes that any information from the other side is beneficial for your growth and learning.  You may also receive guidance from angels, teachers, masters, or celestial beings that are unknown to you. Pam will do her best to contact your loved ones on the other side, however, there is never a guarantee that a specific entity will come through as Spirit chooses to contact you. It is advisable that you book a blended reading (psychic and mediumship) for best results.


15 minute reading: $20.00

30 minute reading: $40.00

45 minute reading: $60.00

60 minute reading: $80.00

Trip Charge in the Sarasota area is $20. If you live within 10 minutes of my home or we meet at a coffee shop near my home, there is no trip charge. 

Please pay via paypal and you will be contacted within 24 hours to book your reading. When I am unavailable due to my travel schedule, an automatic email will be generated with my return date. I will contact you as soon as I am able.

Readings can be done by phone, by email or in person. In-person readings are currently being done September–May in the Sarasota, Florida area. You may incur a trip charge based on the distance travelled.  Pam is also available to perform readings at social gatherings or retreats, where the intention is spiritual/personal growth and development.

On occasion, Pam reads at the Spirit University’s Psychic Fairs in Bradenton. Contact the Spirit University for information. Yu can also visit their website at