Psychic Understanding

Welcome to the world of psychic understanding. In these pages, I will attempt to teach you that you have a spiritual side that nurtures and guides you daily, whether you know it or not. No matter who you are, from the moment you are born you are walked through life with an angel and one or more spirit guides who are assigned especially to you. Many people claim that they have never felt this spiritual presence, yet it is with us each and every day. Better, you can learn to tap your spirit guides to gain greater understanding about your path in this life.

Say you are wondering about a job switch. You have been unhappy with your current situation and you need more money. You can’t envision doing anything other than  what your are presently doing. Worse,if you leave your current job in search of another, the bills will go unpaid. You feel frustrated and tired. You see no end in sight, yet you are miserably unhappy. 

Take a moment to sit quietly. Listen to what your heart tells you. Ask yourself (and your guides) “What is the best course of action?” Now, keep a journal at hand to record your feelings. You may be surprised at the answers.

Generally, your feelings will be your guide. If you feel a pit in your stomach when you envision yourself at your workplace, it is not the place for you. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job immediately. It simply tells you that the fatigue you are feeling is job related and you do need  a better plan so you will not always feel this way. 

Take another moment and envision yourself doing something you love. How does that feel? Is it uplifting? Is there a job available in this area? If not, how can you create one? You do not have to act on all of your insights, just create them. Start to think of alternatives. Ask for spiritual assistance during the process. Perhaps you can remain in your current job while moonlighting doing what you love. Over time, you will have extra money and, perhaps, a path to a new career. 

Keep an open mind to the ways the universe communicates with you. “Messages” come in many ways. You may see an ad on tv that appeals to you. You may hear the lyrics to a song on the radio that point  in the direction you were considering. Maybe a friend calls to say she misses you and you should go out for coffee. When you do, you tell her all about your ideas for your own business. Always watch and listen for signs. You will be guided toward the right job for you. I love the phrase “bless it or block it”. The universe will reinforce what your heart desires in numerous ways. Likewise, you will find road blocks to things that are unappealing. Good Luck. 

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