How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Many people wonder how they can prepare for a psychic reading. This post will address the types of information you can glean from an intuitive reading and how to prepare questions for the reading.

First of all, did you know there is a difference between a psychic and a medium? A psychic reads only your energy and your “higher self”. That is, a psychic is a bit of a mind reader. A psychic will likely tell you things you already know, i.e. you are fond of children, you love ice cream, you hate thrill rides, and you are smart as a whip. A psychic with only this ability can give you information from your energy field. It is a bit like reading just your personality. 

A medium, on the other hand, reads not just your energy, but the energy around you. This energetic field contains your “etheric blueprint” and the energetic beings around you. These entities are your spiritual guides. They guide you in your decision-making toward an optimal outcome for your growth as a person. They can tell a medium (your reader) not just what is in your future but also how you can grow spiritually. Jobs, financial challenges, and relationships all present opportunities for growth.

Some psychics are also mediums – your best bet for an accurate and enlightening reading. Since most people use the word psychic generically, I will as well. Psychic will also mean psychic medium for the purpose of this blog. 

So, how should you phrase questions for a psychic reading? My clients tend toward four main categories when formulating questions for their readings: health, finance, relationships, and career. A fifth often requested category is spirituality.

You can best prepare for a reading by formulating questions that are open-ended and clear. I will list a few examples here:

Career: Instead of asking “Will I get the job?” ask “I am contemplating two, different jobs, which is the better fit and why?” In this way, you will get information that is not only important for your life path, but you will also get information that is important for your soul’s journey. For instance, the medium may answer that despite higher pay at job one, you will enjoy the collegial atmosphere at job two. While a psychic can tell you that you are on a path to being offered job one, what you really want to know is why this is or is not the job for you, right? When you think about why you wanted to know ” Will I get the job?” you will realize it is because it affects your decision-making. You are probably also contemplating the distance to the job, how it affects your family life, and what benefit you can bring to the position. Just knowing if you will get a job does not really help you make a decision for you and yours. Unless, of course, you only have one job option. in which case, you probably would not ask a psychic to begin with. Or, you are simply choosing a job base on salary. 

Finance: Ask ” What do I need to know to increase my salary?” rather than “Will I get a raise in six months?”. The same principle applies here. If you just want a yes or no answer to your questions “Will I get a raise?” you will have done nothing for your growth in the job. 

Relationships” Don’ ask “When will I get married?’ If you wish more than a year, month, or date prediction. Instead ask” Is the person I am with right for me?”. In this way, you will glean the information your heart really desires – what are my prospects with this person? Are we a good match?

Health: Don’t ask “Do I have colon cancer?” Ask instead, What do you see in terms of my health and well-being going forward?” Usually, a psychic can tell you that there is or is not something wrong, and that you should see a doctor. Psychics are not physicians, but they can “read” your energetic body to determine unusual patterns in certain areas. If a psychic visualizes an energetic disturbance in your pelvis, she or he may tell you that you have a reproductive block and you should see your gynecologist or urologist. 

Spirituality: Finally, from a spiritual perspective you are probably wondering “When will my depression lift?” or, “Is there a God?” The better question is “What do I need to know today to lift my spirits?”

Basically, try not to corner a psychic reader into giving you yes or no answers. A good reader will want you to see patterns in your energetic body that are affecting you in either a good or bad way. 

Again, a medium reads your guides rather than your mind. Generally, you already know what is nagging your mind or you wouldn’t want a reading in the first place. The idea is to get information that is not part of your conscious awareness. 

You should leave a psychic reading feeling enlightened and uplifted, not down and depressed. A good reading tells you where you are now, and where you need to go next, all while respecting your free will. Remember that your God-given right is to make your own choices. No psychic should ever tell you what to do. An ethical, intuitive reader will only want what is in your best interest, and, will only show you what your spiritual guidance system is saying. Opinion and judgement should not enter the reading. 




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