How do psychics get information?

Psychics get information by means other than the five senses. Some people say psychics have a sixth sense. Generically, we use the term clairvoyant to describe psychic ability, however, clairvoyant is a french word that literally means “clear seeing”. Psychics do not “see” with their eyes. They do, however, see by means of an intuitive sense that interacts with the brain to give the psychic information as an image, dream, or picture. The picture is then “seen” and interpreted by the intuitive (another word for psychic). 

First of all, we are all psychic. All of us have the ability to sense things that can not be seen by human means. Have you ever known who was calling before you answered the phone? Have you ever felt a sudden urge to exit while driving down a long, straight highway with many off-ramps? This is your sixth sense at work. Many of us blow off these experiences as pure coincidence, however, I can tell you from personal experience that this is not the case. Start taking the turn you are called to take and see what happens. Nine times out of ten you will find that the universe is communicating with you in some way. It may be that you avoid a traffic jam by exiting. Perhaps you find a new ethnic restaurant that you have been seeking at that exit. If you watch for the signs, you will see them.

Back to psychic abilities:

So, while the term clairvoyant is used generically, intuitives use the term to mean the gift of clairvoyant “sight”. Psychics glean information by means of a quick download of a picture or image that flashes in the brain. These pictures often move as if a little stage production or movie is playing. For instance, I was recently contemplating a trip to Glacier National Park. As I was wondering how one might access the park from where I live in Florida, I clairvoyantly saw the take off of a large plane, two small planes, and another large plane. I know this meant that I would need to take a plane to a large city near Glacier, board a smaller jumper-plane to get into the remote park, exit the park via a small plane, and board a large plane home to Florida.

Some of the psychic’s ability is attributed to how one learns to interpret information. By practice in receiving and interpreting repeat information, the intuitive learns the signs and symbols unique to him or her. From now on, when I see large and small planes, I will assume more than one flight with stops in small airports. Clairvoyance, the gift of intuitive clear seeing, is a common psychic ability. 

More common is clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel the energy and emotions of another. When you are drinking coffee with a friend who is tearful and you empathize with the story she is telling to the point where you also cry, you are experiencing clairsentience. When you walk into a party and the energy “feels weird” you are experiencing a moment of clairsentience. It is likely something has gone down before you entered the room. Perhaps two attendees just had a spat, and, while they  are not currently arguing you can still feel the residual energy of a previous argument.

Clear hearing is called clairaudience. Psychics “hear” not with their ears, but in their mind. An intuitive might hear the sound of a dog barking or a child crying while there is no dog or child in the room. Psychics may pick up phrases or words that have meaning for themselves or others. Likewise, an intuitive reader may receive information by song – just as you would if you get a song stuck in your head – it plays out as if someone were singing. 

The ability to sense smells that no one else notices is called clair alliance. Psychics  can often smell smoke, flowers, or the perfume of a spirit not physically present. This ability can give an intuitive information that may be important about a loved one who may have crossed. 

A rare gift, clairgustance is the ability to taste by means other than eating food or drink. A psychic may “taste” chocolate chip cookies when he or she is bringing you information about your grandmother who always baked chocolate chip cookies when you were coming to see her. 

Finally, the gift of “clear knowing” is called claircognizance. The psychic cannot tell how she came to know, she just knows. While not common among the general population, all psychics have this ability.

As an example, when I was a child, I received a leather purse with long tassels for Christmas.  I treasured that purse and I brought it to school the first day after Christmas break. There are no locks on grade school lockers. By the end of the day, the purse was gone. I was devastated. When I reported the loss, the grade school principal asked if I had any idea who took the purse. I stated a name immediately, though I had no evidence for that statement. Boy, did that get me in trouble! As a child, I quickly learned not to make claims based on things I just “knew”. When I went to the thief’s home to tell her Mother she had my purse, the girl denied it, but the Mother produced the purse. Again, I had no idea how I knew she stole my purse; I just knew. 

To nurture your psychic ability, pay attention to the songs in your head. Take the exit if you suddenly feel the urge. Test the idea that you just “know” something. If you follow your intuitive ability, you will be surprised by how often it will produce results. 

The best part about being intuitive is that it makes life absolutely magical. It is such fun waking up to intuitive information. It makes the whole day light. When you figure out what your intuition is trying to tell you, it is always enlightening and joyful. 

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