What’s it like to be Psychic?

People often ask me what it’s like to be psychic. That’s a long answer. First of all, we are all psychic. Some of us have simply developed our abilities more than others and some are gifted with more psychic ability than others.  Know that we all have intuitive gifts. 

I came into my gifts almost ten years ago now. In the beginning, it scared me. I did not know what I was experiencing. I was hearing voices in my head. I was having visions of things to come, and I was strongly empathic, so, I felt everyone else’s emotions. Not a pleasant place to be.  Imagine trying to filter ten things coming at you at once. I was overwhelmed as my gifts opened up.

I have since learned to ground myself to the earth plane (staying out of the ethereal – another discussion entirely) and to block other people’s emotions, energy, and thoughts. Most days, I am a typical human with my own joys and struggles.  I keep lists, run errands, cook meals, and do my job just like everyone else.

Using my psychic ability for myself makes life much easier and much more magical. Each and every time I get a “hit” I spend the next few minutes trying to decipher it’s meaning for myself or others (I am open to receiving helpful information for those I love and care about).

As an example, if I am lost or upset, I simply get into my meditative mode so I can find my way home.  I have always been bad with directions, but since discovering my intuition, I am less anxious when bad things happen. I know I can trust my gut to lead me in the right direction, and, I will arrive home safely. 

 It is especially magical when I can use my intuition to help others. First of all, know that it is highly unethical to “read” someone without their permission. While it can happen serendipitously, that is not usually the case. Most psychics are careful not to invade other people’s space or privacy.

A trained psychic can control his or her abilities.  We turn them on when we are asked and we turn them off (by grounding and blocking) when we are not. It would be stressful to receive messages all day long. 

Know also that psychics are never 100% accurate. It’s not possible. Psychics can only operate from the information they are receiving and it is often difficult to decipher that information.  It is often my clients who tell me about the information I am receiving. I simply relay information and they help me to understand how it relates to their life. 

In short, I feel blessed to have these abilities. While receiving too much information can be a bit unsettling, I consider my intuition a gift from God, and, I know that the universe works on the principles of karma. So, if I put out positive energy, I will receive positive energy. If I ask only for the highest and best for others, I trust that the Divine will bring me only the highest and best for others.

I believe God gave me special gifts for a reason – to help others’ on their journey. That can only be good. Oh, and by the way, I can’t pick lottery or stock market numbers. The Universe doesn’t work that way. Psychic information can only be used for good.  

What is Karma?

Karma is a Sanscrit word meaning action. Karma is a universal principle that states that the universe is constantly seeking equilibrium. If we send a bad thought or action into the universe, the universe will seek a counter thought or action to balance it. This may happen over a few minutes, hours, seconds, or years. Most of us that believe in metaphysical principles believe karma can come round many times and, even, over many lifetimes. 

Hindus see Karma as a bringing upon oneself inevitable consequences, good or bad, in this life or a reincarnation. The Buddhists simply state: Whatever you do comes back to you. Christians may perceive karma as matching the biblical statement “what you sow, you reap”. The bible says each soul shall meet itself. 

I’m often asked “How can I increase my good karma? I see karma storage like a bank in which we make deposits and withdrawals. My top ten ideas for increasing your good karma are:

  1. Offer a compliment: I like to say rather than telling someone “Gee, I like you dress, offer instead, “I like the way you put that outfit together”. Make sure the recipient knows it is about something they are rather than something they have
  2. Make a good recommendation to or for a friend: Once, when I asked a friend where she got her lovely purse she said “at the store”. I further inquired, “Oh, which store”? Again, she answered “At the store”. Clearly she did not want to divulge her special location. Why not instead share great shopping tips and bargains?
  3. Do more than your fair share: I once attended a marriage seminar (though this will apply to any relationship for those who are not married). The lecturer asked the audience members to raise their hands if they thought that they do more than their fair share in the marriage. Many hands shot up. Then, the presenter asked, “Who thinks they do less than their fair share?” Only a few hands reluctantly raised. Clearly, not everyone could be doing more than their fair share. If you think you are doing more than your share, do more. Then, you are probably doing enough. 
  4. Listen: actively and truly listening is so comforting to the speaker. Engage yourself with eye contact and a forward posture. 
  5. Forgive: offer forgiveness, or, at least, do it in your heart.
  6. Find someone a job.
  7. Offer thanks/gratitude. Be grateful for all the blessings you enjoy. 
  8. Give away something of value. Again, just giving away something you don’t want is easy. If it means more to you, it means more to the recipient. 
  9. Teach someone to do something. 
  10. Just show up. Being there is a commitment to you and others that you consider their friendship or mission important. 

How Psychics Work and Why We Sometimes Get it Wrong

For the purposes of this discussion a “reader” is a psychic who delivers a message to a client and a “sitter” is the client.

So often, mouth agape, a sitter  will ask me “How did you know THAT?!” The easy answer is “I don’t know”, however, I do have a meager explanation for psychic phenomenon.

Neurons and dendrites are electrical messengers. A neuron is a nerve cell and a dendrite is a branch of the nerve cell. Electrical and chemical impulses jump from neuron to neuron (along the dendrites) to send messages all the way to the brain.

When readers receive a psychic message, something (likely a spiritual entity  or energetic body that can manipulate energy) has triggered a set of neurons; vibrations are then transferred to the brain. The vibration triggers  a specific area  of the brain and the psychic interprets the message based on his or her life experiences. If a reader clairaudiently “hears” a word the auditory receptors in the brain are working. It is also likely that the verbal center is being activated. 

So, why do psychics sometimes get it wrong? Well, for one, we interpret what we receive based on our life experiences. When a reader clairaudiently hears the word “horse” she automatically assumes it to be the  mammal with four legs, a beautiful tail and mane, and hooves. The reader  may ask the sitter do you horseback ride? She responds: ” I never have, I am afraid of horses”. The reader is quizzical. The reader asks “What does horse mean to you?”. The sitter responds ” I am a gymnast and a horse is the  pommel horse – the apparatus used to vault”. A carpenter may understand this word to be a sawhorse. The sitter’s voice may be hoarse. Can you see how this can get confusing?

So, it is important that the reader check in with the client to find out what the word means in the client’s daily life. Some clients are very quiet during a reading and do not recognize or acknowledge the information they are receiving. This makes it difficult, thought not impossible, for a psychic to know that they are on the right path. An engaged client helps to affirm the direction of a reading. Likewise, a run-on reader may be taking the sitter in the wrong direction if the reader doesn’t check in often.

Sometimes, sitters like to test an intuitive reader as well. For instance, recently, a sitter asked me to tell her about her son’s favorite hobby. I began to tell her that he not only loves what he does, but he spends an inordinate amount of time doing it (it happened to be music, though I never gave her that answer). I also told her that he is foregoing other things in life (the sitter asked about his potential for marriage) in favor of this hobby so he has no room for a partner.  She was perturbed that I missed the answer and I was wondering why she was asking for information she already had. To me, it would make sense to ask about how his passion for music was influencing his life – good or bad. 

Readers want to help their clients. A reader feels defeated by a consistent “no”, “not for me” and sitters feel defeated by misinformation. So, if you plan to visit a psychic reader, formulate your questions for success. Don’t try to test the psychic by asking for information you already have. Leave things a bit open-ended so that you and the reader can tunnel in the direction you desire. 

What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a french word that means clear seeing. By this we mean clear seeing in the mind’s eye, not with the physical eyes. Dreaming is one way we can “see” clairvoyantly. Clairvoyants also report seeing a chain of events as if there is a movie playing while their eyes ar shut. One can also see clairvoyantly by closing the eyes. As soon as you are forming a picture in your mind you are using your clairvoyant sense. 

When I receive a clairvoyant message it is either a flash or a mini-movie.

The Flash: one day while I was thinking that I may want some warm pants for my daily walks , a pair of  pants “popped into my mind as if a picture had been photographed and sent to my brain. I “saw” the pants in full color. They were jeans that were beautifully flannel-lined in a red, plaid color. The next day, I received an L.L. Bean catalogue with those paints featured on the front cover! Wow! I purchased the pants. 

The Dream:

Long after a break up I dreamt that my ex was arguing with me in my home. After just a brief period of decision-making in the dream, I pointed to the door and he left. The dream was particularly vivid and the characters were discreet – me and an ex-boyfriend. The dream was neither disjointed nor confusing. It was succinct. When I awoke, I knew the dream held a message for me. I had recently been considering the good things about that relationship and had thought I should call my ex to see if we might reconcile. The dream was so telling that, on waking, there was no second guessing the decision I would make. NO WAY! I would not make that call. 

Finally, some people express their clairvoyance as a mini-movie or comic strip that plays out in sequence. If you notice this sequence as you are day dreaming you are using your clairvoyant abilities. Do not for one minute believe that only a blessed few are gifted with clear seeing. You can develop your clairvoyance with practice and intention. Join one of my classes to see how you can get in tune with your ability to SEE CLEARLY.

When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

At times, people are perplexed when the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. They set an intention and nothing comes to fruition. Why is this? Well, for one, the Law of Attraction needs to be understood. The law of Attraction is based on the idea that what we put out into the universe comes back to us in “like kind”. If we set an intention and carefully repeat it, the universe reads our energy and sends like energy to fulfill the request. Yet, many people report that their requests never get filled. 

First of all, when you set an intention, don’t make a request. State the intention as if has already occurred. For example, rather than saying “I need more money”, or, “I want to manifest $100 this week state “Money comes to me easily and frequently” In this way, you are not making a request, you are simply saying what WILL happen. 

Underlying the Law of Attraction is the Law of Resonance and the Law of Frequency. The Law of Frequency states that everything is energy and everything has a frequency at which it vibrates. Even a table, which we perceive as solid, is made up of moving atoms and molecules that are tightly packed. We perceive the table as a solid thing, but it is energy and energy is constantly in motion.  The Law of Resonance states that everything resonates at a certain frequency. That frequency is created by our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It is ever changing. So, when the Law of attraction is working, it is understood as a frequency. If your thoughts and emotions don’t exactly match your intention, the frequency will change. And, if your thoughts are not 100% pure (always the same) you will be sending mixed messages to the universe. 

For example, if you send the message “I manifest money frequently and easily”, yet, your next thought is “Oh, that’s silly, I will never make enough money to send my kids to college” then the universe perceives and tries to balance both thoughts to find equilibrium. You have probably completely cancelled the first though with the second, or, at least, you will not earn enough to send your kids to college, but, you may earn some of that amount. 

So, be clear about your intentions, repeat them often, and don’t back down. Phrase them in a way that is clear and decided. Act as if your wishes have already come true. The universe will respond!