How Intuition Works

People often ask me how my intuition plays in my daily life.  Like you, I have Spirit Guides that send messages to me almost daily. Generally, the signs relate to what is coming up in my life, what is currently going on, or what I am processing on a personal level.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I clairaudiently heard this phrase from an old song by Cyndi Lauper ” Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick, I think of you. Caught up in circles confusion is nothing new…. If your lost you can look and you will find me, time after time”. Let me explain. My son and I have had an arduous relationship for over six years. He is an adult, however, I was ostracized from his life when he had his first, two children – twin girls. Only recently has he come around to speaking to me and after a first meeting of my (now four) grandchildren, he has told me he will make no promises to invite me to their birthday parties, holiday gatherings, etc. In addition, he makes no promise that he and/or his family will visit for vacations. Very painful emotionally. My take is that he wants to proceed slowly and he has always known I will never turn my back on him. Parental love is unconditional. This makes it easy for him to treat me this way. So, here’s another part of the song: “Sometimes you picture me I’m walking too far ahead. You’re calling to me, I can’t hear what you’ve said. Then you say, go slow, I fall behind. The Second hand unwinds. If your lost you can look and you will find me, time after time”.

This type of thing happens all the time. I had not heard that song for years, and yet, I was hearing it in my head last night. The things I receive are always directly related to my life. While this may have been written as a love song, it is really a message for me about my son.

Your Spirit Guides work hard to send you  information, comfort, and insight. Be sure to listen.

We Need Intuitive Insights

I am often asked why people want psychic information. There is no short answer, but I will give you a few reasons here:

  1. Science can only take us so far. For example, for years, as a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, I wrote prescriptions for hormone replacement in menopausal women. The “good” research told us that estrogen can prevent heart disease and bone loss. While estrogen is protective for bone health, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to heart disease. Estrogen actually increases the risk of stroke, breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc. Seems science, after 50 plus years of research, completely turned tail when the results of the Women’s Health Initiative study showed that hormone replacement was increasing female cancers! So, the medical community now writes these prescriptions with caution. When I was in practice, I felt an eery sense that we should not hand out prescriptions for drugs to over-ride the natural process of menopause. I wrote them anyway. My gut told me otherwise, but I might have used more instinct, and less research, if I had listened. Scientific research has yet to uncover the mysteries of the universe, yet many physicists understand that the energy field which surrounds us is here, but not easily measured. Yet, everything is energy! We need to use our intuition when science is stymied or lacking. Researchers use their gut instinct when asking the good questions that form scientific theory. Why not use the same intuition to see that which is not available to the naked eye. 
  2.  Our subconscious mind buries much of what we don’t wish to see. Many of us live in denial or oblivion where reality is concerned. So often, we need to uncover our latent or subconscious patterns. 
  3. Our spiritual side demands a look. Science tells us that clans of old had many rituals that, though based in non-reality, kept the tribe safe. There is something about having a spiritual belief system that is “relationary” and holds the ties that bind. Practice the rituals. They are loving and healthy and they bind us to others. 

What Happens When We Die?

A lot of people ask me “What happens when we die?” Many of us have heard about  the near death experiences of people who momentarily die, but come back to life after the experience. Those who have partially crossed report visions of a tunnel, a white light, and their loved ones who wish to escort them to the other side. Of course, they come back to our earthly existence to report the story.

We mediums tap our clients’ loved ones in spirit all the time, so, we get to see some of what the afterlife appears like to those on the other side. I am here to tell you that it is a beautiful mix of understanding, searching, and learning designed for spiritual growth. 

After we pass, many of us remain near the earth plane, attend our own funerals, and watch our loved ones from the other side. Our soul takes some time to adjust to life without a physical body. We can remain in this place as desired. Since there is no time and space in the heavens, we can immediately transport our soul to wherever we want to be, whether we chose to be with our loved ones, or we want to go to a different, beautiful place such as a meadow or forest thicket. 

Souls may choose to go to a place of resting, particularly after a difficult life here on earth. Our soul is the energy that is left (our consciousness) once our physical body is gone. So, we remain an energetic being on the other side. Our energy is often sapped from a lifetime on the earth plane. What may be 50 earth-years is not measured in the same way in the heavens. Time is cyclical rather than linear on the other side. 

After a period of rest, souls meet with a team of spiritual guides who help us examine our life to see what we have experienced and what we still have left to learn. Some souls wish to remain in Spirit for a while (or indefinitely) so they can teach earthly beings from the other side. Others wish to return to a physical body to learn lessons that had not been achieved in a previous life. 

A belief in reincarnation is a must in understanding what happens next. Should a soul chose, or, be assigned another lifetime, it comes back to earth in a new body ( whole other discussion) carrying the blueprint of the original spirit. This blueprint can be amended lifetime to lifetime. So, as we repeat lives here on earth, we learn lessons that will help us ascend to the level of Spiritual Master. Once achieved, we stay in Spirit to guide others. 

This is a simplistic view of the whole process. For more information, or, a reading to discover your soul’s journey, sign up for a reading by Pam. Call for information or scheduling. 

How to Buy a Reading


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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are a matrix, or web, of all that is. To visualize the akasha, imagine a spiderweb that is suspended within and around the entire universe. This web is made up of all of our thoughts, emotions, intentions and energy. As our thoughts change, so will the matrix. The web catches the energy created by our emotions. The web can also release energy to different areas. Think of the akasha as a huge container that holds everything.

Both collective and individual energy make up the web so we can affect the matrix as a collective unit or as an indvidual. For instance, on an individual level, one’s emotions change from day to day. As a person goes from sad to happy, the web reads the emotion and mirrors the mood of the person. 

Collectively, groups can affect the matrix as well. For instance, if a group decides to send food or medical assistance to a far away region the matrix will hold that intention until some action is taken to get the food to the area. The web is ever changing and interactive. 

Many scientists believe that this informational field explains why our universe is so finely tuned. The web allows evolution as an informed process. Remember that every thought, deed, and development since the universe’s existence are held within the web. The Akashic records are an enduring book of all that has ever happened in space and time. 

If we also posit that from a “God” perspective there is no space and time, we can use the records to see what will happen in the future. We can use the akasha to inform life decisions and we can use the records to access our history as well.  When we tap into the akashic records we are tapping into the essence of life. 

A Technique For Manifesting what You Desire

If you are feeling content, but want something more, you can manifest your desires. Many people ask me how to put the universe to the test when they are not able to bring forth their dreams.

First, you must tell the universe specifically what you want and why. We are often vague about our desires. Until the vibrational energy of a desire is certain and consistent, mixed energy may confuse things. For instance, if you are contemplating a move and you have not yet decided that you are willing to leave an old flame who lives in your home town, the universe will not perceive your desire as strong. Be sure that you know what you want and that you are being consistent with your desire.

To aid the process, make a list of the things you want. Generally people have desires around the physical body, the home, the job, or their close relationships. I like to make a category for each. Get a notebook and place the above titles at the top of each of four pages. Beneath each title, make a specific statement about what you desire. 

For instance, under body you may place the statement “I want to lose twenty pounds” or “I want a new hairstyle”.  Leave enough room beneath each statement to list why you wish these things. Here is an example of what to write.

I want to lost ten pounds because:

My clothes don’t fit.

I want to feel more self-confident.

I want to stop taking blood pressure medication. 

In this way, you are telling the universe not just what you want, but, why you want it.  You are identifying your reasons for the desire. The universe responds immediately to your desires. Your feelings are part of your energetic field. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the energy. Energy is all around us. Your “vibes” are also read by the people around you. Other people pick up on this energy as well. They will help you get what you want. No one is alone in this. You have help on a number of levels. 

If it is a new hairstyle you want, list the reasons why. For instance, you might write:

I want to spend less time styling my hair each day.

I will feel more self-confident for my job interview.

I currently spend way too much money on haircuts. I want a longer style that requires fewer trims per year.

When we set an intention and then forget about it, we are not strong in the desire. To reinforce you intentions, spend some time with your notebook each day. Read what you have written. Add to your list. Subtract any intention which weakens or changes. Again, the simple act of reviewing your desires, strengthens them. By ignoring your journal, you are telling the universe that your desires are weak. By reading and re-reading your intentions, you are strengthening your statements. Also, try to take some action on each of your intentions weekly. Schedule an appointment with a hair style specialist. Interview a fitness trainer. Taking small steps toward your goals also tells the universe that you really want what you have written.

Once you have set and reinforced your desires, wait to see what happens. Follow all of the leads the universe brings. People often tell me that they are amazed at how fast the desire is satisfied once they are consistent with their intentions. One client said that as soon as she set an intention to get her hair cut, a woman ahead of her in the grocery store line handed her a business card with the words “beauty salon” printed at the top. Don’t discount these occurrences as coincidence. Everything is lined up according to our desires.  Good luck manifesting yours!


What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is a form of communication between living beings (humans) and non-living (disincarnate) spirits. It is a way of relaying information between two levels of reality. Both sides, the medium and the spirit, must be in complete cooperation to relay messages. Because a medium is highly attuned  to the vibrations of the spirit world, mediums can sense and interpret messages from a spirit. Mediumship bridges the physical and non-physical world. 

The most common form of mediumship is mental mediumship. Mental mediumship does not use the five senses. A thought medium receives messages as an idea, picture, or thought and can often also feel information, rather than sense it physically.  Messages are then relayed to the sitter – the person receiving the reading. Mental mediumship is often used to query a deceased loved one when the sitter needs information related to a person’s parting. 

Trance mediumship occurs when a medium shares consciousness with a spirit. This involves a sort of blending of energy and bodily sensations. In trance, a medium is over-shadowed  by the consciousness of the spirit. In this case, at times, the medium may be unaware of what he or she is saying or doing. Trance mediumship can be used to discover the philosophical bent of a spirit. 

Finally, physical mediumship is an attempt from the spirit world to prove the existence of an afterlife, that life is continuous, and,  that we are not gone once our physical bodies expire.

Spirits can often manipulate objects or energy in a way that humans can see. For instance, spirit entities can make lights flicker, materialize energy, or direct an audible voice to a sitter or group. This type of mediumship is quite rare and is prone to fraud. While physical manifestations are possible, they are extremely difficult to produce on demand- a mandate of the scientific world  – so, many people discount physical mediumship. 

Not all mediums are capable of all types of mediumship. Most people have gifts that are unique to their personality, biology, and style just as only some of us have blue versus brown eyes.

Palmistry, divination, astrology, and card reading are fascinating art forms, but they  have nothing to do with mediumship. Mediumship is about accessing information across an energetic boundary.  There are also emotional and psychological boundaries. A good medium will respect those boundaries. Mediumship is not about telling clients information of a sensitive nature. It is also not about delving into deep emotional issues that are better discussed with a psychologist or other therapist.

Finally, mediumship is not evil. Mediums are not disturbing the dead. They are communicating with spirits who want to relay information to the living world, yet they are no longer in a physical body. Spirits want to talk to us as much as we wish to talk to them. This is important work. 

As you choose a medium, remember that you want someone who will respect your boundaries and the spirit’s boundaries. Feel free to call me to discuss what you would like in a mediumship reading. Until then, may you rejoice in the wildly loving energy of the divine.


How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Many people wonder how they can prepare for a psychic reading. This post will address the types of information you can glean from an intuitive reading and how to prepare questions for the reading.

First of all, did you know there is a difference between a psychic and a medium? A psychic reads only your energy and your “higher self”. That is, a psychic is a bit of a mind reader. A psychic will likely tell you things you already know, i.e. you are fond of children, you love ice cream, you hate thrill rides, and you are smart as a whip. A psychic with only this ability can give you information from your energy field. It is a bit like reading just your personality. 

A medium, on the other hand, reads not just your energy, but the energy around you. This energetic field contains your “etheric blueprint” and the energetic beings around you. These entities are your spiritual guides. They guide you in your decision-making toward an optimal outcome for your growth as a person. They can tell a medium (your reader) not just what is in your future but also how you can grow spiritually. Jobs, financial challenges, and relationships all present opportunities for growth.

Some psychics are also mediums – your best bet for an accurate and enlightening reading. Since most people use the word psychic generically, I will as well. Psychic will also mean psychic medium for the purpose of this blog. 

So, how should you phrase questions for a psychic reading? My clients tend toward four main categories when formulating questions for their readings: health, finance, relationships, and career. A fifth often requested category is spirituality.

You can best prepare for a reading by formulating questions that are open-ended and clear. I will list a few examples here:

Career: Instead of asking “Will I get the job?” ask “I am contemplating two, different jobs, which is the better fit and why?” In this way, you will get information that is not only important for your life path, but you will also get information that is important for your soul’s journey. For instance, the medium may answer that despite higher pay at job one, you will enjoy the collegial atmosphere at job two. While a psychic can tell you that you are on a path to being offered job one, what you really want to know is why this is or is not the job for you, right? When you think about why you wanted to know ” Will I get the job?” you will realize it is because it affects your decision-making. You are probably also contemplating the distance to the job, how it affects your family life, and what benefit you can bring to the position. Just knowing if you will get a job does not really help you make a decision for you and yours. Unless, of course, you only have one job option. in which case, you probably would not ask a psychic to begin with. Or, you are simply choosing a job base on salary. 

Finance: Ask ” What do I need to know to increase my salary?” rather than “Will I get a raise in six months?”. The same principle applies here. If you just want a yes or no answer to your questions “Will I get a raise?” you will have done nothing for your growth in the job. 

Relationships” Don’ ask “When will I get married?’ If you wish more than a year, month, or date prediction. Instead ask” Is the person I am with right for me?”. In this way, you will glean the information your heart really desires – what are my prospects with this person? Are we a good match?

Health: Don’t ask “Do I have colon cancer?” Ask instead, What do you see in terms of my health and well-being going forward?” Usually, a psychic can tell you that there is or is not something wrong, and that you should see a doctor. Psychics are not physicians, but they can “read” your energetic body to determine unusual patterns in certain areas. If a psychic visualizes an energetic disturbance in your pelvis, she or he may tell you that you have a reproductive block and you should see your gynecologist or urologist. 

Spirituality: Finally, from a spiritual perspective you are probably wondering “When will my depression lift?” or, “Is there a God?” The better question is “What do I need to know today to lift my spirits?”

Basically, try not to corner a psychic reader into giving you yes or no answers. A good reader will want you to see patterns in your energetic body that are affecting you in either a good or bad way. 

Again, a medium reads your guides rather than your mind. Generally, you already know what is nagging your mind or you wouldn’t want a reading in the first place. The idea is to get information that is not part of your conscious awareness. 

You should leave a psychic reading feeling enlightened and uplifted, not down and depressed. A good reading tells you where you are now, and where you need to go next, all while respecting your free will. Remember that your God-given right is to make your own choices. No psychic should ever tell you what to do. An ethical, intuitive reader will only want what is in your best interest, and, will only show you what your spiritual guidance system is saying. Opinion and judgement should not enter the reading. 




The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction may seem like a New Age concept, however, it is not new. The idea that our thoughts create our life was first identified in 1906 by Willliam Walker Atkinson. He was a prolific writer and he wrote many books on his ideas about “thought vibration”. That is, that our thoughts are manifested energetically, and by thinking of what we desire, we create our reality. 

Here I will discuss the Law of Attraction as it works in your daily life. I will use one of my own experiences to illustrate the point:

When I lived in Minnesota the winters were often brutally cold. I took daily walks along a groomed, but snowy path. It was often difficult to move freely through the many layers of clothing required to stay warm at zero degrees. I decided I needed to buy some “winter gear”, however, I had only a small budget to work with. 

Now, first you should know that I am a picky shopper. I want the right item in the right color at the right price. I will shop for hours to find just what I want at a price I can afford. In this case, I had in mind a pair of thick, lined, blue-jeans that were comfortable when walking briskly, for $40.00 or less. I checked in many stores to no avail. The Columbia brand had well-made pants, but they were pricey. 

I walked for many days with the same, cumbersome layers I had come to detest. My daily walks were quite literally “dragging me down”. I gave up looking and resigned myself to snow pants and long underwear. The very next day, I received a clairvoyant “picture” of a pair of jeans lined with beautiful, red, plaid flannel. That flannel “looked” like the pajamas of my youth. The picture reignited my quest; I needed a flannel-lined pair of jeans. Two days later, I received an L.L. Bean catalogue in the mail. On the front cover was a pair of thick, blue jeans lined in red, plaid, flannel. And, they were on sale at just $32.00! I quickly ordered those pants and they arrived in just three days! 

By thinking about just the right type of pants, I had manifested a pair delivered to my front door, despite the fact that I had all but given up finding them. Now, the Law of Attraction is not always simple. Notice that it took several weeks of shopping and thinking.

The universe follows our thought patterns. Fleeting thoughts and momentary ideas do not always produce what you want. Likewise, sometimes our subconscious energy over-rules our conscious desires. For instance, say that you meet a guy at your workplace. Daily you wish that he would ask you on a date. What your head tells you is that he is gregarious, , sophisticated, and adventurous. He seems rather  wild and fun. You think he would spice up your life. However, your subconscious awareness has known for some time that you want to get married and raise a family. This guy is not that type!. Hence, the universe picks up on your energy and negates the possibility. You send out “negative vibes”, the guy never asks you out, and you stop believing he might. 

Later, a friend tells you that she just joined a wonderful singles group. The goal of this particular, singles group is long-term relationships, not adventure. The Group Name is “Marriage Minded Singles”. You already know that the people in this group are looking  to find a life-partner they will marry. You decide to give it a try. When you go to the first meeting you sit next to a man who tells you he has been coming to events and meetings for some time, yet he has yet to find anyone he wishes to date. The two of you share coffee at the break and you end up skipping the rest of the meeting while you talk for three, full hours. Five years later you are happily married and you are expecting your first child. 

This is how the Law of Attraction works. The universe “reads” your energy and follows your intention. To use it effectively, first set an intention. Say it out loud, or silently, to yourself. Repeat the intention daily and see what comes your way. You will often be surprised by what follows. Pay attention to the subtle messages you receive. You will not always be bowled over by the response, but you will start to see things happen. 

Many people like to use meditation to create the life whey want. Try sitting quietly for 10-15 minutes a day while repeatedly stating what you desire. For example, say” I want a new apartment in a park like setting within three months”. Be reasonable with your time frame and intentions. You will need to search, pack and gather your belongings, and move all within the same 90 days. It would also be unreasonable to set such an intention if you are currently under contract with a two-year lease. However, you may notice that if you set a more practical intention your first step may be to eliminate your current lease. Perhaps you can first set the intention that ” I be released from current lease obligation within 60 days”. Now watch what happens. Start by putting out the idea that you would like to move and you are looking for someone to sublet your place. Or, ask the property manager about options. Place an ad on Craigslist or and see what happens. Generally, just setting an intention and taking a few steps to cement it will produce results. The more you reinforce the intention, the more the universe will bring in options. If you stop reinforcing your intention it will begin to fade. 

Some people like to create a vision board to cement their intention. Get a piece of tag board and place it in a prominent place in your home. Draw or affix pictures of things you wish to have or do. You might attach a photo of Mount Everest if climbing the mountain is your dream. A wedding dress might represent marriage. A floor plan of the home of your dreams, which is currently unaffordable, could be placed on your vision board. Don’t be afraid to change things out if your life circumstances change. This is your board. You create it and you manifest your vision. Generally, however, your dreams will come to fruition as you continue to study the board. 

Sometimes the universe lines things up in terms of timing. Pictures may stay on your vision board for two to three years because there is an opportunity in your future that is unbeknownst to you. Stay true to your goals and stay committed to the vision you have set. Good things come to those who wait. Study your board daily and wait for signs from the universe. They will come.