Pam Jacob
Pam Jacob

Pam discovered her gifts in 2008. She has since spent countless hours training under many, well-known spiritual teachers and mediumship mentors. Through hours of meditation and practice, Pam has honed her gifts to bring you the best intuitive information available. Pam holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and is comfortable in front of groups both large and small.

Formal Education:

Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology – 1981

Bachelors of Nursing – 1991

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner – 1995

Masters in Nursing Education – 2011


Psychic/Energetic Mediumship
Janet Hovde – 2008 Maureen Allan – 2012
Maureen Pelton – 2009 Kit and Natalie Mitchell (Mitchell Academy) – 2015/16
Healing Touch I and II 2011 Akashic Records w/ Gabrielle Orr – 2016
Unity Psychic Training 2015-2017 Janet Nohavek  – Spirit University-  2017
Spirit University – 2016

Lisa Williams – Spirit University – 2017

Disclaimer: All offerings are intended for personal growth as percieved by the individual and and should not be misconstrued as medical advice or used in place of a professional or medical opinion.