A Technique For Manifesting what You Desire

If you are feeling content, but want something more, you can manifest your desires. Many people ask me how to put the universe to the test when they are not able to bring forth their dreams.

First, you must tell the universe specifically what you want and why. We are often vague about our desires. Until the vibrational energy of a desire is certain and consistent, mixed energy may confuse things. For instance, if you are contemplating a move and you have not yet decided that you are willing to leave an old flame who lives in your home town, the universe will not perceive your desire as strong. Be sure that you know what you want and that you are being consistent with your desire.

To aid the process, make a list of the things you want. Generally people have desires around the physical body, the home, the job, or their close relationships. I like to make a category for each. Get a notebook and place the above titles at the top of each of four pages. Beneath each title, make a specific statement about what you desire. 

For instance, under body you may place the statement “I want to lose twenty pounds” or “I want a new hairstyle”.  Leave enough room beneath each statement to list why you wish these things. Here is an example of what to write.

I want to lost ten pounds because:

My clothes don’t fit.

I want to feel more self-confident.

I want to stop taking blood pressure medication. 

In this way, you are telling the universe not just what you want, but, why you want it.  You are identifying your reasons for the desire. The universe responds immediately to your desires. Your feelings are part of your energetic field. The stronger the feeling, the stronger the energy. Energy is all around us. Your “vibes” are also read by the people around you. Other people pick up on this energy as well. They will help you get what you want. No one is alone in this. You have help on a number of levels. 

If it is a new hairstyle you want, list the reasons why. For instance, you might write:

I want to spend less time styling my hair each day.

I will feel more self-confident for my job interview.

I currently spend way too much money on haircuts. I want a longer style that requires fewer trims per year.

When we set an intention and then forget about it, we are not strong in the desire. To reinforce you intentions, spend some time with your notebook each day. Read what you have written. Add to your list. Subtract any intention which weakens or changes. Again, the simple act of reviewing your desires, strengthens them. By ignoring your journal, you are telling the universe that your desires are weak. By reading and re-reading your intentions, you are strengthening your statements. Also, try to take some action on each of your intentions weekly. Schedule an appointment with a hair style specialist. Interview a fitness trainer. Taking small steps toward your goals also tells the universe that you really want what you have written.

Once you have set and reinforced your desires, wait to see what happens. Follow all of the leads the universe brings. People often tell me that they are amazed at how fast the desire is satisfied once they are consistent with their intentions. One client said that as soon as she set an intention to get her hair cut, a woman ahead of her in the grocery store line handed her a business card with the words “beauty salon” printed at the top. Don’t discount these occurrences as coincidence. Everything is lined up according to our desires.  Good luck manifesting yours!


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